exploring current and future forms of value exchange in the digital economy

AfterMoney is a research project in collaboration with Bettina Nissen and Shaune Oosthuizen that explores present and possible forms of value exchange in the digital economy to challenge perceptions of current as well as future practices. As a culmination of this research, we have developed a research tool that reveals some of the increasingly common non-monetary exchanges in a growing digital sharing economy. The project aims to highlight concealed practices of how we trade, barter and share value across multiple forms of currency.


  • What constitutes currency and how will it change in the future?
  • How will we exchange values beyond current monetary transactions?
  • What forms of exchange will emerge and what may constitute new currency?
  • Will data become a new currency? How would you exchange your data for services or products?
  • How do you exchange time, data, and other currencies for services or products?

The AfterMoney app explores the boundaries of what we are currently paying with and what we may be willing to pay with as future medium of exchange.

We installed the app in the Design Informatics Pavilion as part of the FuturePlay Festival. Visitors were invited to try the interactive installation. By using the AfterMoney app, visitors were able to exchange a selfie for a flake or to sweep for sweets.