Machines are everywhere in our world, be it virtual or physical. We take it for granted that machines are merely tools that serve us and medium of human interaction. However, with the development of emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence,

Beyond Death Beyond Death is a speculative design project that explores the present and possible conditions for human existence in the technologically mediated world. In this project, I employ speculative fiction to think about death, which is a topic people tend

PrivCase Counter-surveillance phone case built with Raspberry Pi   The phenomenal growth of technology has impacted human society greatly. While these technologies have undoubtedly improved human life, more recent developments in technological advance have a potentially insidious character. With the rise of the internet,

Wormhole Counter-surveillance device Wormhole is a counter-surveillance device that emits stimuli to fool surveillance bugs. It was designed as a ‘technology probe’, a probe which combine the social science goal of collecting information about the use and the users of the technology