Ripple MIDI Tangible interaction Throughout history, music plays an important role in people's daily life. Since ancient times, creating music has been a form of embodied interaction. We use our hands and body to interact with various instruments to express our emotions.

Tactile Speaker tangible interaction By combining traditional materials with reactive technologies, Tactile Speaker explores the possibilities of tangible and embodied interaction regarding music player. Connected to the mobile music application through Bluetooth, Tactile Speaker enables people to play the music by motion control.

Woven Light In this project, I experimented with bamboo, a traditional material in the East, to make lamps  that integrate modern design with Chinese aesthetics. When turn on the bamboo lamp, one can feel that the craft has been handed down for

Medicalen Medicalen is an innovative product for healthcare. It helps the elderly take medicine conveniently by combining the form of calendars and ordinary medicine. It creates a positive and effortless user experience.

Paper Construction Paper Construction is an experiment to explore the possibility to construct changeable space by only using cardboard. In this project, I tried to make modular stool that has multi-functions. Through interacting with the stools, users can find a variety