Plug+ Envisioning a new model for voice interaction Plug+ is a trainable switch that explores an alternative model of voice interaction in the future intelligent home. By connecting with different appliances, it enables people to create their own voice command to control

Airo Bursting Filter Bubble through Physical Computing Airo is a personal, yet not personalized radio. It challenges the filter bubble phenomenon and explores an alternative way of experiencing social media. It reads out tweets for you. When expanding the fan, you are

Scenes Unseen Web-based Chatbot for exploring the city of Edinburgh Scenes Unseen is a project exploring storytelling through conversational user interfaces (CUI). By chatting with three bots - a robin bird, a weeping ash, and a postbox, viewers can learn more about

Remio New Music Experience through Tangible Interaction Ideation and making of Remio     Remio is a wearable device for music lovers, empowering them to create music through tangible interaction. Different sensors such as touch sensor, pressure sensor, and acceleration sensor, are embedded in the device.

Ripple MIDI Tangible interaction Throughout history, music plays an important role in people's daily life. Since ancient times, creating music has been a form of embodied interaction. We use our hands and body to interact with various instruments to express our emotions.

Tactile Speaker tangible interaction By combining traditional materials with reactive technologies, Tactile Speaker explores the possibilities of tangible and embodied interaction regarding music player. Connected to the mobile music application through Bluetooth, Tactile Speaker enables people to play the music by motion control.

elfinGarden elfinGarden is a smart planter that provides playful and emotional interaction. With the help of sensors, it can tell users the status of plants using different expressions. elfinGarden also creates a natural environment on your desk, making it interesting to plant

TouchTurn Tangible Interaction for Bicycle Navigation TouchTurn is an intelligent navigation system for bicyclists. It consists of a pair of handlebar ends and assorted iOS app. Through haptic interaction, route recording, and community sharing, TouchTurn makes riding safer and more fun. The navigation

HearBaby HearBaby is a baby monitor system, which contains a wearable device for babies and a mobile app for parents. It can collect baby's cry, analyze and the data, and tell parents the real meaning of the cry. With HearBaby, parents