Sensory design creating convenient on-demand human intimacy


The Challenge

Designing sensory experience

In response to the brief of designing a sensory interface, this project explores tastes and intimacy. The challenge is how to communicate the personal and subjective experiences. Can we use sensory immersion as an effective means of implementing a designer’s intention beyond subliminal messaging?

“Intimacy is core to our health and experience. Not all of us have access to this fundamental human need – many lack the time, money or luck.”



The Concept

Convenient, on-demand human intimacy

Oral distills key intimate experiences, such as sex, into accessible gustatory immersion kits. Our carefully engineered kits require no setup, no uncomfortable human interaction, are 100% plant-based and certified organic. At Oral, we believe everyone deserves an intimate experience as rich and immersive as the real thing – Oral is affordable and can be found with selected retailers or delivered straight to your door.


The Design

Taste, package, and interaction

Using a palette of flavors we cataloged, we build 4 stages – Foreplay, Build-up, Orgasm, and Afterglow, as combinations of 3-4 of the flavors closest to the sensations attributed to each stage.
With Oral we wanted to capture the fetishization of the “unboxing” experience. In our design, we pay attention to details and minimalism of modern consumer electronic packaging. The packaging was made to strike a balance between something beautiful and polished while still being believably mass market.
The packages of the 4 stages are designed to encourage the use of different gestures, namely licking, squeezing, biting, and spraying, to enhance the sensory experience.

The Process

Thoughts and experiments

This project is in collaboration with Jing Yu. The detailed documentation of the thoughts and processes of this project can be found on Medium.