Digital Crafting in Glass

Code of Nature & Shape the Invisible

Code of Nature


Code of Nature is a digital crafting project that explores the integration of parametric design language and traditional glass blowing technique. Using Rhino 3D and Grasshopper scripting language, the digital experiments were outputted via Delta ceramic printer and then used in association with hot glass mould blowing.

We tend to be fascinated by the beauty of nature objects, such as a fern leaf, a snowflake which have amazing structure termed fractals. Fractals is a branch of mathematics and art, which offers almost unlimited ways of describing, measuring and predicting these natural phenomena. Using IFS (Iterated Function System) fractals method, I created the vector patterns. The fabrication process included digital and handmade fabrications – 3D model generation and printing, and glass blowing.

Shape the Invisible



Shape the Invisible is an ongoing experiment and investigation exploring digital crafting in glass and data physicalization. Using glass as the medium to visualize the invisible aspects of life, I try to rediscover and collect data that might be taken for granted or difficult to describe in words.

Using Processing as a generative design tool to mediate the digital crafting process, I captured the data of a sound piece and generated a 3D model. Then the 3D model was printed in PLA, and transformed into plaster mold, eventually cast into glass.