Designing brand identity for a cybersecurity startup





In a Nutshell

Caulis Inc. is a cyber security startup based in Tokyo that tackles fraud and identity theft by using the latest machine learning and cloud technologies. I was commissioned to create the brand identity that helps communicate the company’s core value and vision.




Understanding the company, its mission and vision is an essential starting point. Although ubiquitous computing and IoT provide new opportunities in a variety of applications, they also bring security issues. Caulis is developing solutions on fraud detection, authentication, and more efficient insurance operation etc. By utilizing distributed ledger technologies, Caulis provides a range of products to secure digital devices we interact with on a daily basis. Together with the Caulis team, I clarified the brand strategy, which reflects on the company’s value and is aligned with its business strategy.




The main concept of the brand identity is to address security, connectivity, and decentralization. Aligned with the strategy, the idea should help potential customers understand Caulis’s value proposition with encounters with a range of touchpoints.

Based on the investigation, analysis, and concept, I made different series of sketches by applying diverse visual elements.



Brand Identity

The logo should be recognizable and memorable, more importantly, it should convey the meaning and reflect the company’s value. The selected logomark is based on the shape of a shield and consist of irregular dots which are connected by coherent lines. The logotype corresponds to the logomark and creates the sense of trust.

As an important part of the brand identity, color evokes emotion and accelerates differentiation. We chose crimson, maroon and dark gray as the primary colors to catch attention and address the concept of security.



Brand Guidelines

The brand is more than its logo, every encounter with the brand should reinforce its values. Thus managing the consistency and integrity is important. The brand manual provides guidelines for partners and communicates what the Caulis brand stands for. It includes different use cases of the logo, palettes, typefaces, and supporting visuals etc.



Designing Touchpoints

Consistency in visual communications helps build trust. Designing touchpoints requires the balance between flexibility and consistency.

The design of diverse mediums and applications differentiates. Yet they all follow the same guideline so they can work in harmony.