A personal, yet not personalized radio helps you burst filter bubbles




The Context

The rise of filter bubbles.

The Internet has provided a rich information environment to our society. Yet more and more, the Internet has become a one-way mirror, increasingly reflecting our own interests. Social networks and search engines, such as Facebook and Google, using personalization algorithms, display us similar perspectives and remove differing viewpoints.

Filter bubbles, are fundamentally altering the way we encounter information, amplifying our desire and bias, offering us parallel but separate universes, increasing social fragmentation and ideology polarization.

The Concept

What if, there is a way to break the filter bubble, to embrace diverse conceptions, and to discover through serendipity.

We envision a future in which the Internet, just as its earliest vision, can help us come across new ideas and possibilities by creating Airo. 

Airo is a personal, yet not personalized radio. Airo empowers individuals to get aware of the filter bubble and take control over it through promoting exposure to diverse perspectives. Using physical computing, it challenges the filter bubble phenomenon and presents an alternative way of experiencing social media.


The Technology

Created with Arduino and Processing, Airo connects to Twitter’s API. It fetches real-time tweets and transfers them into audio through text-to-speech technology.

The fan, a metaphor of span, connects to Arduino through an encoder. By expanding it, the geographical range of the tweets gets increased. In this way, you are expanding your horizon by hearing more about what is happening not only relevant to you, but also around the wider world. The potentiometer-embedded knob allows you to choose different categories, by fetching tweets with different hashtags, namely news, music, and technology.



The Team

Yuxi Liu
Varenya Raj
Surojit Dey

Instructors: Ubi di Feo & Dario Buzzini


The Press