Yuxi is an interaction designer and researcher currently based in Beijing, Shenzhen, Berlin, Edinburgh, Shanghai, Copenhagen, Oslo and Munich.

In search of the latent space between technology and humanity, between the present and the future.

Critical, philosophical, ecological, and poetic lenses.

Interrogative, experimental, experiential, and socio-technological approaches. 

Embracing subjectivity, ambiguity, complexity, and new worldviews. 

Working cross disciplines in innovative products, services, spaces, frameworks, fictions.

Exploring more-than-human-centered design and new design materials. 

Recent investigation in designing for, with and by machine intelligence. 


Liu, Y. (2019) Exploring Alternative Narratives of Human-Machine Coevolution. 2019 Journal of Design and Creative Technologies.

Liu, Y., and Pschetz, L. (2018) Designing machines with autonomy: from independence to interdependence to solidarity. In Proceedings of DRS2018 Conference.

Selected Press

Frame Magazine (issue 128) For Infinite Nights Only

Core77 Five Machines Explore An Alternative Narrative of Human-Machine Relationship

BBC Radio 4 Data Stream Day

designboom the AI-robot by yuxi liu writes poems on the beach

Motherboard Watch This Adorable Robot Write Poems on the Beach

PSFK This Robot Was Made To Be A Poet By The Sea

DigitalTrends Tortured-artist robot trawls beaches, scrawling poems in the sand

Tabi Labo 「ラジオ」からFacebookへの挑戦状

Core77 Airo: “A Personal, Yet Not Personalized Radio”

Yanko Design A Radio for The Open-Minded!

Selected Exhibition

2020 June – 2020 November Common Knowledge – Ideen gegen die Informationskrise, Kunstgewerbemuseum, Dresden, Germany, Serendipity Searcher

2019 November – 2020 February 26th Biennial of Design Ljubljana, Slovenia, Serendipity Searcher

2019 November – 2020 February Reconstrained Futures at BIO26 Ljubljana, Slovenia, Alternative Friends

2018 September   Biodesign Here Now  London Design Festival, London, UK, Sharebiota

2017 August   Future Play Festival  Edinburgh, UK, AfterMoney

2017 May   Edinburgh College of Art Degree Show  Edinburgh, UK, Poet on the Shore


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